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Grant Goodeve -- "David Bradford"

David the adult son (age 23), working in construction, was played from the second show on by Grant Goodeve who was born July 6, 1952 in Middlebury, Connecticut, USA.

From GoMcGwire by e-mail: "Grant went to Memorial Middle School in Middlebury, CT"

Another e-mail: He grew up in Connecticut, where he accelled at sports.

Back in the night in 1980, Grant was injured as he tried to climb a fence and ended up landing on his face rather than on his feet.

"It was one of the best things that ever happened to me," he said. "It stopped me in my tracks and gave me a chance to think." Goodeve had to deal with the reality of having an empty soul.

It was while he was at home, recuperating from his injuries, that he watched a Billy Graham crusade on television and finally found what he had been looking for.

Namely, a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Among the questions he had to deal with was, how could he feel so miserable on the inside when so much was going right for him on the outside, especially in his acting career?

A passage from the Gospel of John helped him answer that question. In it, Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life: No man comes to the father except by me."

After he turned his life over to Christ, Goodeve said, he found meaning, hope and joy that he had never experienced before.

Equipped with that new-found faith, one might have expected Goodeve to go to the "Eight is Enough" set and start preaching up a storm.

It didn't happen that way. Except in a few private conversations, Goodeve didn't make a big deal about his faith: "I didn't want to be a 'celebrity Christian,"' he said.

In some of the conversations that he did have, he said, he fears he might have done more harm than good "for the kingdom."

Goodeve continued his acting career and admits he took a few roles he now wishes he hadn't. After moving to Seattle from Los Angeles in 1989, Goodeve effectively got out of episode television.

"Now I'm kind of on the periphery," he said. "I don't have to deal with that anymore."

Unlike some actors who became bitter later in life about their association with a particular television role, Goodeve has no such problem.

After he left Hollywood, Grant Goodeve found a better way to use his talents.

He still does television work, and now concentrates his efforts on host spots for various programs.

One such program that has been well-received is "Northwest Backroads," a weekly show on Seattle's NBC affiliate channel 5.

He also has done work for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, on the "McGee and Me" video series produced by Focus on the Family and on the "Mickey Masters" video which was written, directed and produced by Willie Aames, a former "Eight is Enough" castmate.

He also worked with Willie Aames in around 1994 on one of Aames' "Bible Man" adventure stories.

Goodeve also has recorded a couple of albums, including a self-titled project and another titled "The Wonder of It All" released in 1995.

In spite of having his eyes wide open and seeing much of the evil in the world today, Goodeve said he chooses to focus on things that are good.

"There is a beauty to life," he said, "and that's what God's been able to wake me up to more than ever in the last year."

Grant released his inspirational CD in 1995, "The Wonder in You", and has sung songs in some of the Bob Rivers Comedy Corp Christmas CDs.

Via The Messageboard: Grant is working hard from his home base in Seattle, Washington. He can be seen hosting Evening Magazine in Seattle several times a year. He continues to record and perform contemporary Christian music. He had a cameo on the NBC mini-series "Pandora's Clock" last year (1997).

Goodeve, a married father of three who says he is continuing to discover new things in his still-strong Christian faith, has a music ministry and travels to churches across the nation.

Grant Goodeve sings the demented track "Didn't I Get This Last Year?" on the Christmas Album from Bob Rivers and Twisted Radio called "I Am Santa Claus". The newest from this past Xmas, "More Twisted Xmas", has Grant and Richard Simmons singing "It's The Most Fattening Time of the Year." Check out the website Bob Rivers Twisted Tunes to hear some samples (link also on Dr. Demento section)! Richard Simmons? Yup. That Richard Simmons!

via e-mail from Scott R. Baillie: Grant has a weekly show on Seattle TV called "Backroads Northwest". Has two albums on Word Records. Doing various corporate videos. Had a cameo not too long ago on the NBC mini series, Pandora's Clock.

From Liz Manning by e-mail: Grant Goodeve lives east of Seattle with his wife and kids and hosts a weekly TV show on KING-TV called "Northwest Backroads." On this show he explores interesting places to visit and things to do in the Northwest. He released a CD with his original Christian music. He sings and talks on occassion at various churches on the east side of Seattle.

Thanks to CJ Online Features http://cjonline.com/stories/100698/fea_hollywood.shtml for additional information.
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