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Willie Aames - Video

***** ????...Bibleman: Conquering the Wrath of Rage
DVD - Willie Aames, et al.

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***** ????...Bibleman - Tuning Out the Unholy Hero
DVD - Willie Aames, et al.

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***** 1986...Cut and Run
DVD - Willie Aames, Luca Barbareschi, Michael Berryman, and Karen Black (2002)

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***** 1982...Paradise
DVD - [Uncut, Import Version]

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***** 1982...Zapped!
DVD - Willie Aames, Curt Ayers, Scott Baio, and Ed Bakey (2008)

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1979...Scavenger Hunt

***** 1974-1976...After School Specials
DVD - Christian Juttner, Lance Kerwin, Titos Vandis, and Jack Manning (III) (2004)

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Willie Aames Releases Book (November 1, 2007)

***** Grace is Enough
Willie Aames / Hardcover (Nov 1, 2007)

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Product Description:

While actor Willie Aames (Eight Is Enough, Charles in Charge) was at the peak of Hollywood success, his future wife, Maylo Upton, was a teenage runaway, eating out of trash bins and living on the streets to escape the sexual crimes of her cult-ruined motherĘs barbaric boyfriend. By the time Willie met Maylo, his star was falling because of sex, drugs, rock and roll, and family problems while her acting career was starting to rise. Together, they found God and got their messy lives clean, but the ghosts from their gritty past would duly roughen the road to victory.

Grace Is Enough is their fascinating insider story of fame and infamy, spiritual regrets and renewal, and the ultimate realization that with God all things are possible. It will appeal to and greatly inspire everyone from pop culture fans to the traditional Christian nonfiction reader.

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