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Adam Rich -- "Nicholas Bradford"

Nicholas the youngest son (age 8) was played by Adam Rich who was born on Oct 12, 1968 in Brooklyn, making him age eight when it started on March 15, 1977. Thanks to Walter Helfer:

In 1981-82, Adam was in the short-lived firehouse drama (but not the pilot) "Code Red" with Lorne Greene and Andrew Stevens.

In 1981 Adam co-starred in the Disney movie, "The Devil and Max Devlin" with Elliot Gould and Bill Cosby.

In 1983(?) Adam appeared in a made-for-cable movie called "The Zertigo Diamond Caper" for which he won a Youth In Film award.

Also in 1983 Adam appeared in 2 episodes of a mid-summer replacement known as "Gun Shy". In the other four episodes his character was played by Keith Coogan, who was in two episodes of EIE.

Adam has appeared in various commercials for companies as dissimilar as Playskool, The Hearst Corporation and Nabisco.

(Has anyone seen the movie "The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh"? Was Adam in that one?)

(Twenty-)Eight is enough?

Is Adam Rich dead?

If you read the cover story of Might magazine, "To Live and Die in L.A., Adam Rich, 1968-1996," you might think the former child star of ABC's mid-1970s family series, "Eight Is Enough," really is gone.

There's even a retrospective of his TV and film work, an unfinished masterwork ("The Squatter Project"), a "last" interview and a viable death story: An "unemployed dinner theater stagehand" shot him three times in the chest during a robbery attempt.

Many of Rich's friends and former co-stars, from his TV sister Susan Richardson to Heather Locklear weighed in with tributes. But some were more distraught about his passing than others.

"He scared me. Scared me bad," actor Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid) told Christopher Pelham-Fence. "I'm glad he's dead."

Certainly sounds dead.

But he's not.

The story is an elaborate hoax, using a young actor's bad reputation as a vehicle for parodying the media and the general public's overkill response to tragedies such as the deaths of River Phoenix, Kurt Cobain and Shannon Moon. There is even a Courtney Love-like role, played by "Allison Hughes, Rich's girlfriend of the last three weeks of his life." She urged fans at a "memorial/rally/barbecue on Venice Beach" to be strong in Rich's absence.

"Nobody has any sense of irony," complains Lance Crapo, associate publisher of Might. "And Adam started getting calls from people who were crying. I can't believe anyone would take this seriously!"

Rich, who participated in the scam, is a regular name in many "Dead Pools" where ghoulish fans wager on which celebrity will die next. Maybe this will be just the ticket to putting life back in his career. Or maybe not.

Subject: Adam Rich
Name: Paul
Date: Wednesday, 08-Apr-98 04:01:44
What is Adam Rich doing these days? I heard he directed a Walton's reunion, I think, but that's all I heard other than the death hoax.
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